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    GRISEBACH holds semi-annual auctions (spring / fall) in the areas of fine art of the 19th, 20th and 21st century, classical and contemporary photography as well as decorative arts (ORANGERIE. Selected Objects).


    We appraise your art – confidentially, non-binding, and free of charge. Please send us a reproduction of the art work either by mail or email, including details on the medium, date, and size (unframed), which are important for the appraisal, as well as any other relevant information. [Estimate request] Or simply call us at: +49-30-885 915-0. 



    GRISEBACH is ready to assist you in all  matters pertaining to art. We appraise and sell individual works, collections and estates, and our service includes contact to experts of international repute and professional restorers.  We are also available to assist you with questions regarding framing, conservation, insurance, etc. any time.



    We in Berlin or our representatives in Germany, Switzerland or the USA are pleased to offer you personal consultation on a local basis.



    The auction contract forms the legal basis of your consignment. All agreements are contained within this document.  Upon signing the contract you commission the auction house to offer your work of art for auction and to sell it to the highest bidder. With your signature you also confirm that you are the rightful and legal owner of the work at the time of auction. 



    The estimated price is the estimate of the work of art agreed with you and quoted in the catalogue.



    The reserve is the agreed upon minimum price to which you declare yourself willing to sell the work of art (before deduction of commission and expenses). The reserve is confidential information between the consignor and the auction house. The reserve is less or equal to the low estimate quoted in the catalogue.


    Hammer Price

    The hammer price is the price of the lot knocked down by the auctioneer. Commission and artist´s resale right, if applicable, as well as any expenses, will be deducted from this sum. 



    The commission will be deducted from the hammer price at auction. The commission is paid to the auction house for services rendered.


    Artist´s Resale Right (Droit de Suite)

    GRISEBACH charges a flat rate of 1.5%, plus statutory VAT, if any, based on the hammer price up to a maximum amount of EUR 12,500.00 as a pro rata compensation for the legal obligation of the resale right (droit de suite) duty on all original works of art as well as original photographic works, whose originators did not decease 70 years before the end of the calendar year of the sale. Villa Grisebach will pay the resale right (droit de suite) duty accordingly. The consignor is therefore released from all personal obligations to pay the droit de suite.



    We will be happy to assist you with selecting competent, expert transportation for your work of art. Transportation costs are at your expense.



    Your work of art is insured by us at the agreed limit while in the care of GRISEBACH. By request and at the expense of the consignor it may be agreed to insure the work of art at the high estimate.



    The catalogue contains a scholarly description and reproduction of each individual work of art.  Reproduction costs will be paid at your expense. The works to be auctioned may also be reproduced on our website.


    Post Auction

    We will inform you immediately following the auction whether your work was sold and if so, at what price it was auctioned. Payment will follow within seven weeks after the auction – subject to payment having been received from the buyer.


    Post Auction Sale

    Works not sold during auction will be offered for two months following the auction.

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